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Tang Soo Do is a Korean martial art, much of the terminology that is heard in class is of Korean origin.
Some of the basic terms used in class are listed below.


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Grandmaster Kwonjangnim
Master Sahbumnim
Head Instructor Boo Sahbumnim
Assistant Instructor Kyosahnim

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Attention Charyot
Bow Kyungrae
Ready Joonbee
Back to Ready Baro
At Ease Shiuh
Turn Around Dwi Ro Dorah
Turn to the left Joaro Dora
Turn to the right Wooro Dora

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Hand Technique Son Gisool
Foot Technique Sal Gisool
Punch Jirugi
Kick Bal Chagi
Block Mahki
Form Hyung

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Front Stance Ap Goobee
Back Stance Dwi Goobee
Cat Stance Buhm Suhgi

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Outside Crescent Kick Bakat Hooryu Chagi
Inside Crescent Kick Bandal Chagi
Front Snap Kick Ap Chagi
Side Snap Kick Yup Chagi
Back Kick Dwi Chagi
Roundhouse Kick Dollyu Chagi
Jump Front Snap Kick

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High Block San Dan Mahki
Outside\Inside Block Anour Mahki
Inside\Outside Block Bakkour Mahki
Low Block Ha Dan Mahki
Low Chops Sudo Ha Dan Mahki
Middle Chops Sudo Jungdan Mahki
High Chops Sudo San Dan Mahki
Low “X” Block Sangsu Ha Dan Mahki
High “X” Block Sangsu San Dan Mahki

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Horse Stance, Middle Punch Kima Jase Pal Pot Ki
Moving Middle Punch Jund Dan Jii Jiruki
Moving High Punch San Dan Jii Jiruki