• My son started karate at age 6. I didn't think he would be able to keep up, I was wrong. Karate is discipline, dedication, enthusiasm, training, art form and time and this young boy had it. Children learn quickly which is good, but in karate you learn then perfect, going through the motions is only going half way. My son loved the idea of being able to kick, punch, jump and break boards, but again this takes time. I would not let him be promoted if I didn't think he was ready. In fact for his 2nd degree black belt I held him back 1 year, he wasn't prepared. It's important for parents to be apart of this journey through karate, I was, I knew the moves and could tell him when he was wrong after all I had sat on the bench for 8 years watching him. My son is now 18 years old and has grown into a fine young man, even though he hasn't done karate for 4 years. Lately he's saying how much he misses it and has started to practice again. Karate isn't for all young children, especially when they think they will be experts overnight, but for those who stay with it and work hard it's rewarding, fun and self gratifying. It instills pride, self confidence and a sense of accomplishment and all these things help to make a mature young adult."
    Sheila Crawford, Mother